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About Us

Over 15 years ago, the owner of RSM Computer set out to create a fully mobile computer repair service providing the same level of service of a shop without the hassle. Rather than unplugging your heavy computer and “hoping” that the issue will present itself when in the shop, we take the hands-on approach and come to you to see exactly what you are experiencing. Additionally, as computer repair service has become a dime-a-dozen, we wanted to differentiate ourselves from the competitors by providing a top level of professionalism, yet personal service to all our clients. The customer is always right, and we strive everyday to make sure that your experience with our company will be 100% satisfactory. There is no issue too large for our company and 15 years in the industry proves that regardless of your issue, we will do whatever it takes to resolve your computer issues. We look forward to working with you and showing you how RSM Computers will go the extra mile to make the difference.

Our Story

In the IT arena, many companies have adopted a model or flat rates for services. While we do provide a quote and price, we believe that we should work for the client on their time, and allow our skilled and trained professionals demonstrate how quickly jobs can be performed. Whether it is at your home or place of business, our professionals will meet you with a smile, provide work in a timely fashion, and even take a machine off-site if it better fits your schedule. We take dignity in providing the best Computer Repair in Rancho Santa Margarita.

Whether it is your firs time using us, or you are a repeat customer. The team at RSM Computers appreciates your business and support of a locally owned and operated company. When we first started out, we knew that our mission in business is to provide the most affordable and transparent work in the industry. With years of experience, wonderful customer reputation and skilled employees, our team prides itself on providing you the best service to your home or business.

About Services

PC & APPLE Computers

Whether your computer is running slow or you just need help with an upgrade or a new computer install we are here to be your partner and help in the process.


Laptop & Macbook Repair

We are able to configure, repair and setup any laptop whether it be PC or APPLE. WE strive to provide the best laptop service in Rancho Santa Margarita.


Easy to Schedule

With our easy to book and same day service concept, RSM Computers is able to come out to your home or business and take care of all of your Computer issues.


Device Setup & Diagnoses

Whether it be a network configuration or you need an out of the box setup we can help with all of your devices and diagnose any issues at your home or business.


Rancho Santa Margarita Computer Repair