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Rancho Santa Margarita Computer Repair Certifications

At RSM Computers, all of our staff are equipped with industry recognized certifications. We pride ourselves on staying up to date and having the best professional team to service your home or business.

Comp Tia A+

Comp TIA A+ Certifications are designed by Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), one of the industries IT trade associations, and is the foundation of any good technicians training. This certification ensures that the technician has a good grasp on the basics of the industry. As this is the entry level qualification for a professional it does involve stringent testing to validate the knowledge of the candidate. Just to even qualify as an applicant the recommended time with hands on experience in the field is 9 – 12 months. Then the testing is a 4 part process where extensive knowledge must be shown in the fields of PC hardware and peripherals, mobile device hardware, networking and troubleshooting hardware and network connectivity issues. This certification is so important that the only recipient can be employed by companies such as Intel, HP and Dell, because employers can be confident in the professional level installing, maintaining and operating personal computers.

Network +

Network+ is an independently administered certification that assures the professional experience of a technician in managing, maintaining, troubleshooting, installing and configuring basic computer networks. This is also in the same category of certification that can be earned from the industry cornerstone Comp TIA and is sure sign that the holder of one is a

driven and qualified to excel in this industry. This certification includes the implementation and management of functional networks involving equipment such as switches and routers. The goal of this is to be able to construct a reliable and sturdy network with stout security protocols. In addition to all this the technicians will also be well qualified to trouble shoot network problem in new installation and existing, which can be the defining factor between and serious professional and a novice.


HIPPA Security Rule is the best practices for ensuring infrastructure security whether the sensitive information is being transmitted or is at rest. A Certified technician must be able to track such information through mean with documentation that will show the information has not been altered or accessed and if it has by who and when the unauthorized activity took place. This process will employ the use of encryptions, specialized hardware and the ability to use specific software to provide security for the storage area networks of (SAN) and network attached storage (NAS) devices that can exist in either a local server environment or a global one. The type of information that fall under HIPAA is personal health information and not only must be kept confidential but also secure and accurate. For such reason the government has placed many rules and regulation for how this should happen n which has become known to be quite difficult to navigate. The technician who has this certification has not only shown to be able to meet these standards but also shows that they are willing to commit the future to this type of security as the us of such regulations continues to expand and develop.


The Technician holding a CCNA certification has passed exams that test the knowledge and skills that are required to implement a Cisco Network. The certification notes the abilities to install operate and troubleshoot networks that exist in a mall to medium size branch office involving the use of routing and switching devices. This is a second level certification for Cisco Networks that also includes extending networks, security protocols, wireless technology, and managing IP traffic. Most of which are above average skills making the technician more than qualified to help with home network solution and design, being able to address the best equipment and diagnose the cause of problem that may arise. With Technology advancing as rapidly as it is and exponential rise in wirelessly connected deceives that require more and more from bandwidth, the CCNA certification holder has a set of valuable skills.

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