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Servers are the life blood of most business and as such, we pride ourselves on our industry recognized server certifications and our vast knowledge in this space. Whether you are installing a new server, decommission an old server, or simply ready to maintenance and repair your current server, the professionals at RSM Computers can help you in every step of This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is pexels-photo-257736-2-1024x681.jpgthe process. As servers have progressed over the years so has the technology that bolsters them to perform the many aspects that are required by your company. Whether it be a networked server to allow users to access files and shared databases, or your hosted exchange server for your emails, we are fluent in all aspects of server repairs, installations and setup.

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One common problem most businesses face is redundancy and reliability on a single server to perform all the tasks inside of their office. Be rest assured that the professionals at RSM Computers can walk you through the entire process whether you are setting a server up or planning to do scheduled maintenance on the server, we are fully confident we can limit downtime (we also offer after-hours support) and guide the process for a smooth transition.

A healthy server is a happy server! All businesses know that if a server is having an issue, productivity can slow down, and the business can come to a complete halt. Don’t allow this to hamper your ability to get your job done. Acting as the brains of your operation, a healthy server is the best way to ensure that you have 100% uptime and that your files, data, and programs are secure and operational. Additionally, by having our professionals provide ongoing and routine service on your server, you can avoid the very costly server failure which can hamper a businesses budget to simply get up and running on something that otherwise would have been a minimal cost.Server Rack

Servers are just like a regular computer, they experience overheating problems – as they are taking on a much larger load then a regular computer as well as viruses and malware. Hardware can fail in servers and even servers with a RAID configuration can experience long downturns if these devices are not properly maintained. Any downtime is a poor reflection to your customers and can hamper relationships as you are unable to fulfill orders, provide service on time, or provide important documents to these individuals.

As a full time I.T. Staff doesn’t always make sense for small businesses, let us be the right partner for you and be your on-site mobile server repair company that will continue to provide maintenance, service, and recommendations for your business and server alike. Our professionals will ensure that your server is following industry guidelines and conforms with:

  • Hard Drive utilization
  • Security and Compliance protocols
  • Operating System and Regular Updates
  • Software assistance
  • Data backup and continuality
  • RAID Health
  • Everything Server Service Related (i.e. IIS, Exchange, Active Directory etc.)
  • And much more!

Unfortunately, your business will unlikely be able to afford the costs of a full server failure. Don’t let that stress you out as the professionals at RSM Computers can handle every aspect of your server protection and redundancy. If your company has grown or the needs of your business have changed, we can guide you in the right decisions for all your server needs. This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is pexels-photo-442150-1-1024x682.jpgFinally, we can help your business setup a safe network to ensure that your business will not have any downtime and to successfully plan out the cost of future server projects.

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