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At RSM Computers, we understand just how important your data is to you. Whether it be a family vacation, baby photos, your important school work or the song you’ve worked so hard to make, we know just how scary it is to think it may all be lost.At RSM Computers we have industry standard equipment and software as well as certifications for data recovery. Regardless of your data loss outcome, we have the capacity to bring your files back. Accidently deleted a file? Rest assured we can get this back for you and remedy the situation to help you get your information back. We specifically deal with failed partitions and crashed hard drives and will do everything possible to get your most treasured files back for you. To date, we have a 95% data recovery rate and pride ourselves on being your one stop shop for data recovery. In most cases, we will come to you, pick up your hard drive, provide an external drive and transfer all your files to this drive (external drives average $60 and we provide this to you at cost). While data loss can be worrisome, we urge all of our customers to look into cloud-based data backup software.hard disk drive

I’d like to formally introduce you to your local computer repair service for data recovery. RSM Computers doesn’t try to get your data back, we do everything possible to ensure that your files are recoverable. Our clients believe that we are the top data recovery team in south orange county and that is a reputation we stand to maintain. While we understand that you have other options out there, we like to remind our clients that a data recovery lab can cost you a minimum of $800 just to look at your drive. With a locally owned and operated company, we evaluate your potential data recovery for $100 and if we can’t recover it, we will gladly work with you to send it off to a data recovery lab. This way, you can be confident that your data has been sent to a company that has your best interest at stake and we can talk tech on your behalf.

While data recovery is never a guarantee, we can promise you that we will work diligently to retrieve all your lost files or have exhausted all options.

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There is nothing more terrifying than sitting down in front of your computer and seeing that all your data is gone. Businesses and home users rely on their computers to safeguard their most cherished memories or work documents. Sadly, the reality is that just like any other machine computers can fail and hard drives are not meant to stand the test of time. From a failing hard drive to malicious ransomware that has turned your files into blank documents, RSM Computers has differentiated themselves in their ability to recover files with the most up to date data recovery solutions.Memory Backups
At RSM Computers, we will personally guarantee that we will work diligently to recover your files and data. Given most data recoveries can take several days, in most instances we will pick up your hard drive with not cost to you and take it back to our office. Depending on how damaged your drive is, data recovery can take hours to days to determine what files are recoverable. Rest assured, we will have your data back in your hands as quickly as possible.

Why wait, let RSM Computers help you today with all your data recovery needs — Contact Now. While we cannot give you an exact turn around time, be rest assured that we will keep you involved throughout the entire process and give you day to day updates on the recovery process. Finally, every end user has a different way in which they hope their data to be delivered, whether it be an external drive, cloud-based solution or onto a new computer, we have you covered.

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