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Computer Hardware Repair in Rancho Santa Margarita

When it comes to installing new hardware, or repairing your old hardware, RSM Computers has you covered. Whether you are looking to do a memory upgrade, or thinking about getting a new hard drive, our professionals are equipped and ready to help you through every step of the upgrade process.

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Hard Drive, RAM, Graphics Card, Network card installations in Rancho Santa Margarita

As computers continue to evolve it’s difficult to always know what you need for your own personal needs. The professionals at RSM Computers can guide you through the appropriate upgrade for what you are trying to achieve. Regardless if you are a home user, a business, or a hardcore gamer, we can help you stay ahead of the competition, get ready for your next big game, or simply someone who wants more output from their regular work machine — we are here to help you stay ahead of the competition.

At RSM Computers our professionals are up to date on the latest and greatest hardware and technology to ensure that your computer experience is always one step ahead of the trends. Whether you are looking to upgrade your entire system, or simply add on some new RAM for a quick upgrade, we can recommend the necessary equipment and do the installation from the convenience of your own home. Thinking about building a new computer? We have built hundreds of computers over our 14-year tenure in Rancho Santa Margarita.

Computer hardware repair – Hard Drives, RAM, Solid State Installs and much more!

The latest phenomena in the I.T. industry has been the introduction of the solid-state drive and the performance this upgrade can provide. By staying ahead of the industry, you can be rest assured that your machine’s longevity will continue for several years past the industry standard. Unsure if you already have a solid-state hard drive? Our experienced technicians can remote into your machine and tell you quickly, making the ordering and installation process much faster and seamless. Looking for a great custom build sourced from a locally owned and operated company? We have you covered through the entire process and even allow you to help in the process. Part of our process actively involves the client to truly gain an understanding of what they are trying to get out of their computer experience. Whether you are a high-end gamer, a stock trader, a general user or an experienced tech, our technicians will work with you to find the best machine for your use. Whether we are doing a simple RAM upgrade or a full hard drive clone to the latest and greatest drive, all of this can be accomplished from your home or business and we will even bring the parts to you.

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With RSM Computers, we strive to provide complete solutions for all your hardware upgrades. While we will ensure that your new hardware is working properly, we also provide ongoing and consistent support to all our customers. While an upgrade to a new component can increase speed, performance and the longevity of your machine, this technique isn’t always the best solution for every end-user. That’s what we pride ourselves on our ability to repair components as well to ensure that your machine is working properly every time you sit down to use it.
If your computer is running slow due to a virus, or hardware limitations, the team at RSM Computers can take care of all these problems. No problem is too large (or small!) for our team of professionals to address, repair, and properly evaluate. Finally, with all hard drive replacements, we take the necessary time to protect your files and make the transition smooth and to limit downtime.

Thinking about upgrading or ready to take the plunge? Contact the professionals at RSM Computers and let us walk you through how we can completely revitalize your machine.

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