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Printer Troubleshooting Near You

One would think that after Xerox created the first computer printer in 1938, the installation, driver, and maintenance process would have been simplified. While our bread and butter are computer repair, virus removal, new computer builds, and network installations, printer issues have proved to be the most common issue RSM Computers’ client face. While printers can be problematic, they are also a vital role in your day to day operations. Whether you are a home user trying to print a receipt or boarding pass, or a business owner who has important documents going out to your clients, a non-functioning printer can really cripple your ability to get work done.


Some of the main reasons printers malfunction is due to software confliction, network connectivity issues, or driver’s incapability. While printing has become a day-to-day occurrence, when something goes wrong with a printer, your entire world can come to a halt. By choosing a locally owned and operated Computer Repair Company in Rancho Santa Margarita, we can help setup your printer for victory from the get-go. By truly understanding all your printer needs, we pride ourselves on taking the time to thoroughly setup the printer on all your devices (phones, laptops, tablets, desktops), so that you can print from anywhere in your home or office! Let our technicians take the guess work out the most common printer problems and troubleshoot any problems with your printer’s performance. Our professionals are ready to help you today with anything from printer software upgrades, to incompatible print drivers from one computer to the next.

On-site Printer Setups in Rancho Santa Margarita

While setting up your own printer can sometime be an easy feat, in other occasions it can be an ongoing nightmare. Several of the newer printers do not come with an instruction booklet or even a disk with the necessary installation media. When all is said and done, most users must walk their way through the installation process and “hope” they have it up and running properly. At RSM Computers we take all the guess work out of your printer setup and troubleshooting and leave your home or place of business with 100% functionality.

Regardless of what is causing your printer problems, our team can get you up and running on no time. From walking you through the install process to ensuring that you have global print capability across all your devices, we are here to help you with all your questions. Setting up a business printer? This is something we are fluent in and can absolutely help so that all users can experience an easy print job and can scan a document to their email or to a network drive for everyone (or only one person) to access.

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