Upgrading to an SSD (Solid-State Drive)

Over the years, computers have consistently been modified, altered, upgraded, and technology has continued to evolve. One of the greatest revolutions in modern day computing is the introduction of the Solid-State Drive (SSD). A solid-state drive is simply a drive that does not have any mechanical and spinning components internally.

Why make the leap?

crucial ssd

There are several reasons why one would look to make the leap from a traditional hard drive device (HDD) to a solid-state device (SSD), but the most apparent is speed. In its most simple form, an SSD is technically flash storage and has no moving parts. Thus, the ability for the drive to look for data is not reliant on the speed of the revolutions per minute of the old traditional hard drive. In addition to the speed factor, a solid-state drive is not exposed to the same damages if dropped that a traditional drive will experience. Since there are no moving parts, a solid-state drive can withstand a drop (although not recommended!). In a traditional drive, the vertical drop can cause catastrophic damage and may require a data recover or a head replacement.

How to transfer your data?

One of the many benefits of transitioning to a solid-state drive is the ability to clone the original (typically traditional) drive to the new, high performance solid state. Most solid-state manufacturers provide the cloning software free of charge (given you just purchased their drive over a competitors). With a properly performed clone, your operating system, files, games, documents, pictures, etc. will all be “cloned” over to the new drive and you will get to experience your exact same setup on a blazing fast hard drive. 

samsung internal ssd

Thinking about making the change?

If you have any hesitations regarding installing a solid state, or simply want the opinion on what solid state hard drive size may be best fitted for you, give the professionals at RSM Computers a call today, and allow us to walk you through which option is for you. In addition to making a recommendation we can also install the drive, perform a clean install of the operating system or determine if your machine is healthy enough to do a clone and reap the benefits of operating with a high performing hard drive.

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